Aly (evasion) wrote in override_helper,

Hi, my problem is posting pictures on my journal. I can do that fine, but I want the pictures to look smaller on my entries than they really are. Like having a code that just automatically re-sizes the picture for your page, so the layout doesn't look all messed up. Here are some pictures to what I mean...

it looks fine, but its really making my entries look wider than they are, you can see it here at the top:

and i want them to be automatically smaller when i post the entry like this:

If you can tell, they are the same size in width, unlike the pictures in the first screen shot. The top picture is squeezed, but that's alright, I know how to fix that. I also have the codes if that can help, I just don't know what code makes the images re-size.

If anyone can help me that would be awesome, thanks!
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