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Hi there, I'm your moderator quentinwrites!

Customizing my LiveJournal, I got fed up with sites and communities with information that was difficult to understand. Once I had deciphered all the computer jargon, I decided to help others who may be in the same plight by creating a community to share my knowledge.

Please join, the more members there are to help each other, the better!

Feel free to make suggestions/ask for codes. If you post a request (i.e. "Can I have the code for changing navigation links please?") I'll put up an easy tutorial on how to do it, along with cut-and-paste codes. I might also delete your request post after this, just to keep the place tidy - it's nothing personal!

There are no hard and fast rules as such. The obvious “no flaming, no insulting anyone” rule goes without saying. However I do request a few things of people:

Please remember that I am running this community on my own. All the overrides and tutorials come from me, so if you make a request for codes and it takes a while, please don't get angry about it, just try to understand that I'm a busy person, and this community isn't my life!

Before making a request, please check the Memories section an the tutorials that are already here, as I may already have answered your question previously.

Please don't email me with requests, or put requests in my personal journal. It's rude and violates my privacy. If you want to comment on something else in there, please do, but I don't want to be dealing with overrides in my personal journal!

Please try to advertise the community. There’s no rule saying you have to, but we need all the advertisement we can get!

This community is a mixture of information from these sources, translated into plain English and modified, and things I've figured out for myself. Basically it's somewhere to find everything you need all in one place, rather than having to go all over the place to find it.


The Aero Zone

Everything LJ

W3 CSS Tutorial

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