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Style? [19 May 2009|06:40pm]

Hey, guys! :)

I hope this is okay to post here. Does anyone know what style diskostik is using? It doesn't seem to be Flexible Squares or Smooth Sailing... I can't figure out what it is.

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[12 May 2009|02:50am]

okay this is a stupid question, but im kinda new here -__- so please help.

how do i post a fake lj cut? like when i wanna post icons and put a preview then under it i type "here for more" ? :)
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Changing Entry Width [10 May 2009|08:30pm]

I maintain a community called amaranthball, which changes its layout every time that of the website changes. For this reason I am using S1 Generator, as I've always found it easier to tinker with. It's basically the LJ hub for a not-for-profit formal ball, so this is a big deal. However, I am stuck with something.

What I need to do is to stretch the width or the entries so that it matches the width of the header image. I've tried using this tutorial, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything at all.

Does anyone here know how to do this? I would greatly appreciate it.

My current overrides.Collapse )
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Protected post lock and comments. [27 Apr 2009|10:51pm]

1. I love the new layout I put up today, except that I have this custom protected post lock that refuses to budge. I use padding shorthand to get it in the position I want. For some reason, though, however many pixels I type in on the left padding (the last one), it increases the padding on the right! Even when I put them in individually, it doesn't help.  I just want to move it a few pixels so it's in line with the date!
2. This. Annoying. Freaking. Border. No matter what I've tried, I can't get rid of this border that comes up whenever I make comments on my page, and I have no idea how to get rid of it.
ScreencapCollapse )

Anyone that can help me with both or either of these has my eternal gratitude!
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T.T help... [26 Apr 2009|09:31pm]


I am wondering if anyone knew how to get it so when you post something it goes to a pure white page instead of your layout. I'm trying to put up a new community so if anyone knows how to do this it would be really helpful. And sorry for the vague description.

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[07 Apr 2009|09:58am]

I'm tearing my hair out trying to solve a problem. Hopefully someone will know the answer.

I'm putting up a header on a component layout. Everything goes fine until I come to the part where the override specifies: repeat, no-repeat, repeat-y, or repeat-x. I don't want the pic to repeat down the page, but every time I put no-repeat, it disappears completely. I've tried all four options. The pic either repeats or doesn't show up at all. Any ideas?
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The Number of posts ... [17 Mar 2009|06:04pm]

im trying to find out how to change my profile so that it says
"And then (the number of users posted to the journal entry) Flew over the Moon"

right now it says it so the number is in front of the " And then " part.

please tell me if this can be achieved.
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Image Question [02 Mar 2009|02:24pm]

Whenever I post images that are too big for my layout, it resizes them smaller. How can I make it stop doing that? x_X
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[26 Feb 2009|11:17pm]

Hey everyone, I'm new to this community. I was wondering how do I post layout codes to my livejournal. I tried posting codes in the custom css area, but it either doesn't show up or makes my profile look weird. How do I fix this. I don't have an advanced account, i'm a free member...does that mean anything? Also, when you guys use custom layouts (like using codes) do you use the old livejournal version (S1) or the new one (S2)? Thanks guys!
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[24 Feb 2009|10:05pm]

Hello, I have a question. I want to post to a community but it's hidden...and I dont know to un-hide myself from posting....help?
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[07 Dec 2008|10:19pm]

Please feel free to delete this if it's not appropriate.

I have a question. I've changed the color of my layout and have been searching for a new texture to go behind it. I think I've found one, but it's not quite big enough and it leaves two white lines down either side of the page before the picture starts to repeat. I know there is a way to smoosh the repeating pictures together. I just don't have a clue how to do it.

I would be eternally grateful for any handy hints, and I would possibly be your slave for life.
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[06 Dec 2008|05:55pm]

Hi, my problem is posting pictures on my journal. I can do that fine, but I want the pictures to look smaller on my entries than they really are. Like having a code that just automatically re-sizes the picture for your page, so the layout doesn't look all messed up. Here are some pictures to what I mean...

it looks fine, but its really making my entries look wider than they are, you can see it here at the top:

and i want them to be automatically smaller when i post the entry like this:

If you can tell, they are the same size in width, unlike the pictures in the first screen shot. The top picture is squeezed, but that's alright, I know how to fix that. I also have the codes if that can help, I just don't know what code makes the images re-size.

If anyone can help me that would be awesome, thanks!
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help? :( [16 Nov 2008|07:15pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

My journal is a lightly customized version of Lower the Curtain, Punquin Elegant. I'd really like to add either a tag list to the sidebar.

I followed this tutorial--http://community.livejournal.com/s2howto/42795.html--and got as far as creating a theme layer and adding the code to it, which says it's successfully compiled.

when I try to apply that theme layer, though, my journal loses all the previous style customization AND does not show the tag list.

so, er, how do I keep my current style and manage to successfully add the tag list?

I know just about nothing about any of this.

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i need a little help [26 Oct 2008|10:25pm]

I'm trying to change the color of the border that goes around icons for posts.
can anyone give me the code to do that?
thanks in advance!
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[10 Oct 2008|12:24am]

One simple question

How do you move your sidebar from left to right?

Thank You in advance!
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please help! [07 Sep 2008|11:15am]

i'm using this code at my journal:

.headerimage {height: 400px;
    background-image: url("http://i484.photobucket.com/albums/rr210/wearsapinafore/layout.png") !important;
    background-repeat: no-repeat !important;
    background-attachment: scroll !important;
    background-position: center !important;
    margin-bottom: 0px;
        margin-top: 20px}

for my header image but there is no header image to be seen. please help!
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oh hello. [23 Aug 2008|11:04pm]
I just joined, and this seems like a very helpful place. I've checked the memories, but nothing seems to suit this~
(LJ cut for images.)

read more...Collapse )
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[21 Aug 2008|08:30pm]

I used this bit of codes to override all the text in my navigation banner and put in custom links.

As you can see at my journal, that worked fine!

But my question is, how do I make the text for the links bigger? I've tried a million different things to make the text bigger, but it's just not working. Maybe I'm not putting the codes in the right place?

I'm using a free s1 account.
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Header image using Generator? [19 Jun 2008|01:39pm]

Hello! I'm new to the community, and new to the Generator stylesheet. I'm sorry if my questions are rather easy, and this is not the right place to ask it, but here it goes:

Is there any way to have a header image, using the Generator stylesheet? I would imagine it would require a custom layout, so if there is, would anyone be able to point me in the direction of such? If it's any help at all, I have a Paid Account, and I'm more familiar with S2.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advanced!

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Round Corners [17 May 2008|03:58pm]

I've just started fiddling around with css. Most of it I've learned by trial and error with the emphasis on error. Now I'm trying to get some round corners using css. Tough I've found some code through googling the net I can't seam to find the right way of using it on LJ. Could someone please direct me to a tutorial or just give me an example on how it should be done.

Thank you!
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